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Noblelift Edge PTE12N 2600lbs 1200KG

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American Curtis Travel Controller with CAN-bus Control
DC permanent magnetic drive motor
24V/20Ah Lithium Battery Pack with 24/8A charger
Extremely compact design with smaller turning radius than a pallet jack
270lbs Service weight only
Fork size: W:27” x L:45” 
8.3"x2.8" polyurethane drive tire
3.1"x3.7" polyurethane load wheels
Ergonomic control handle with horn & emergency belly button 
Removable key switch limits access to approved personnel
LEDs for battery charge level and fault code indication
Dual buttery-style thumb control for travelling
Electric Lifting and Lowering Buttons
Drive with the tiller in vertical position
Integrated Pump without hose 
Travel speed: 3.0mph (unloaded), 2.8mph (fully loaded)·
Stability casters standard
Speed reduction in turns standard


1-year Chassis warranty.
2-years Lithium battery warranty.

For any further questions, please reach out to info@materialhandlingequipment.ca

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CENT Warehouse PO 124850-00
So far, so good !!

The price was very good, and so far our employees really enjoy working with the machine.