Noblelift PTE 18L Long Tiller 1800KG 4400lbs

Noblelift PTE 18L Long Tiller 1800KG 4400lbs

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The PT18L series is the first choice for truck loading and unloading as well for universal transportation on short distances with capacities of 1800kg. With the short chassis length, the truck is tailored to operate in confined areas. With its high-quality and state-of-the-art top-brand components and technologies, the truck competes with leading well-known brands in the market. Available in Lithium.

1-year Chassis warranty.
3-year- Lithium battery warranty. 

American Curtis Travel Controller
AC drive motor
24” load center
Fork size: 27”W x 48”L
8.3"x2.8" polyurethane drive tire
2.9"x3.9" polyurethane load wheels
Emergency power disconnect 
Ergonomic control handle with horn button and belly button
Dual butterfly-style thumb controls 
Crawl speed button for safe operation in tight space
Key switch limits access to approved personnel
Travel speed: 3.3mph (unloaded), 3.1mph (fully loaded)


Ship Size:   30” W X 72” L X 54”H

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