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Standard Features

Italian ZAPI Controller
German AC drive motor and gearbox
Fork size: 2.3”W x 94.5”L 
9.8"x3.15" polyurethane drive tire
3.2"x3.2" polyurethane load wheels
Electric Power Steering
Emergency power disconnect
Ergonomic German control handle with horn button and belly button 
Dual butterfly-style thumb controls 
Multi-functional display with battery capacity, hour meter & fault code
Pin-Code or RFID access to approved personnel
Sideways battery extraction for multi-shift operations
Travel speed: 7.5mph (unloaded), 5.6mph (fully loaded)
Coasting button on both sides for easy order picking 
Standard blue-ray safety lights

Product Dimensions
Model -- Capacity -- Lift Height

OPL25N -- 5500LBS -- 8"

1-year warranty 2000 hours lithium battery 3 years 6000 hours.


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